Social Responsibility

Anivive is dedicated to improving pet health and, by extension, increasing happiness for the families that love them.

We strive to create new opportunities and open new doors daily, as we work on everything from novel therapeutics to creative employee development programs.

Empowering a diverse, global team

We’re dedicated to celebrating differences and to providing professional development opportunities for all team members.


Anivive has over 60 team members across the US and in 8 countries around the world.

Nurturing human capital

We provide professional development opportunities, including ongoing training, to support career growth for all team members.

Committed to reducing waste

Our product packaging and collateral is designed using recycled materials whenever possible. In an effort to cut down on paper usage, we favor collaborative, cloud-based documents and digital proofs.

People-first policies

We respond to the changing needs of our employees. Whether it's converting a conference room to a study room or making special space for a new puppy, we find ways to make it easier for our team to work in the corporate office.

Increasing access to new treatments for pets

We’re working on a number of programs, an ecosystem of therapeutics, and support products to help more pet owners find out about and access breakthrough new treatments.


Commitment to affordable pricing

Our software accelerates drug development and clinical trials. Efficient processes allow us to bring new therapeutics to market faster—with cost savings we’re delighted to pass on to veterinarians and their clients.


AniviveCARES program

Dedicated to supporting families with pets facing health challenges, our new AniviveCARES program will help through the entire process—before, during, and after treatment.


Anivive Trial

Our marketplace for current clinical studies helps pet owners find clinical trial opportunities that match their pets’ medical needs - and helps trial managers recruit and run studies faster.